VIOFO A229 Duo Dash Camera – Lightning Deal & Promo Code

If you have decided that the VIOFO A229 Duo 2K QHD front + 2K QHD rear dash camera is the one for you, the VIOFO A229 Duo is once again available for ordering on the Amazon US website.

On 19-Oct-2022, there is an Amazon Lightning deal active for this product on the Amazon US website.  The price has been reduced to $199.99 USD plus any local sales tax.

I was recently issued a promo code for the A229 Duo on the VIOFO website and the Amazon US website that takes off another 10% off of the A229 Duo purchase price.  The promo code is: Retro10OFF

If you take advantage of the lightning deal and use my promo code, the price will be reduced to $173.99 USD plus local sales tax.

The lightning deal expires in 6 hours, but the promo code is valid until 30-Oct-2022.

My Amazon affiliate link for the VIOFO A229 Duo:

If you use my affiliate link to purchase the product, I will make a small commission on the purchase of that item.  The use of my affiliate link does not increase the price of the product.