Here are some links to the products I use in my company, in the filming and production of my videos, use on my own vehicles or ones that I have reviewed.

If the link is noted as a "Referral" or "Affiliate" link, my company will make a commission on the free trial or purchase you make, but at no additional cost to you!

Chevrolet SSR Parts and Accessories:

Any owner of a Chevrolet SSR should take the time to take a look at the products offered by Simple Engineering, LLC. Simple Engineering provides quality products along with outstanding customer service and support.

Simple Engineering, LLC

Music and Sound Effects Used in My Videos:

One of the hardest things to do for any video creator is to find suitable music to use in a video that helps tell the story.  I subscribe to a few different music services that allow me to download and use that music or sound effect in my video without worrying about what kind of license I have to obtain for that video element.

Epidemic Sound

Many of the videos I create have music from Epidemic Sound.  Epidemic Sound makes it easy to find, download and use music I need for my videos.  I pay an annual subscription fee which grants me the license/right to use the music offered by Epidemic Sound without worrying whether it will cause a copyright problem when scanned by the YouTube processing system.  If you want to check out Epidemic Sound for free for 30 days, please click on my referral / affiliate link that will send you to their website.

Epidemic Sound 30-Day Free Trial (affiliate link)

Motion Array

Motion Array offers a wide variety of video elements including music, video motion graphics, video transitions, lower thirds and many more.  Check out the offerings from Motion Array by clicking on the Motion Array link:

Motion Array website

TubeBuddy (Helps you manage your YouTube channel)

When you have a YouTube channel, one of the biggest things to manage are the videos on the channel and the channel itself.  I've used TubeBuddy almost from the first day I setup my YouTube channel.  It helps me manage the large library of videos on my channel and it has insights into how your channel is performing and how to select the best keywords for your videos.  RetroCarGuy530, LLC is a TubeBuddy affiliate so if you are looking for a better way to manage your YouTube channel, please click on the TubeBuddy affiliate link.

TubeBuddy (affiliate link)