VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH/2CH/3CH 4K UHD – First to market using Sony STARVIS 2 (IMX678) Image Sensor

In mid-November 2022, VIOFO was the first dash camera company to release a dash camera using the Sony STARVIS 2 line of image sensors. VIOFO updated their pre-existing A139 2CH/3CH offering by updating the front camera to use the Sony STARVIS 2 (IMX678) image sensor which records 4K UHD video with upgraded image clarity and accuracy.

If you already own the original A139 2CH/3CH dash camera, you can easily upgrade to the A139 Pro by purchasing the A139 Pro 1CH which allows you to simply swap out the older A139's front camera with the A139 Pro. If you're powering you're existing VIOFO dash camera installation with the HK3-C hardwire kit, it is recommended you purchase a new HK3-C hardwire kit because VIOFO has "optimized" the current HK3-C hardwire kit for use with the A139 Pro dash camera.

The A139 Pro 2CH (2-channels) has two versions. You can order the 2-channel offering with an interior infrared camera or a rear camera depending on your video recording needs.

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4K Flagship VIOFO A139 PRO