Thinkware OBD-II (TOC-300) Power Cable – Testing

In this first video, I test the Thinkware OBD-II TOC-300 power cable provided with the Thinkware U3000 dash camera. I see what vehicle battery voltage level (decreasing) will trigger the unit to turn off the ACC power to the dash camera and what voltage level (increasing) will cause the unit to turn the ACC power to the dash camera. I run a test to see if the unit has a low voltage cutoff feature. The voltage level testing is performed without the TOC-300 plugged into a vehicle’s OBD-II data link connector port.

In this second video, I monitor the CANBUS High/Low signals to see if the TOC-300 is turning on and turning off the accessory power to the dash camera based on the state of the CANBUS network.