Chevy SSR – Roof Door Module (RDM) Repairs Available

If you’re a Chevrolet SSR owner, there’s some exciting news regarding the Chevy SSR’s “Roof Door Module” (RDM). The RDM is the module that controls the operation of the retractable hardtop and side windows and it interacts with a couple other systems in the SSR. Over the past few years, more and more RDMs have started to fail leaving the retractable hardtop and side windows inoperable. Many owners had to resort to getting a used RDM when a SSR would arrive at a wrecking yard and the prices were reaching $3K to $5K for a RDM that was $200 to $300 USD when available from GM.

With an investment of a large number of hours and I’m sure money, Simple Engineering, LLC has put together a team that can offer a low cost solution to refurbish the Chevrolet SSR RDM. This is a HUGE win for the Chevrolet SSR owner community! I’ve created several videos for Simple Engineering, LLC over the past few years. Mike Moro (the owner / operator) of Simple Engineering, LLC is someone that deliveries quality solutions for the Chevrolet SSR. If you have a Chevy SSR RDM that is not functional, do not hesitate to contact Simple Engineering, LLC to get the RDM back in good working order!