CA A.B. 390 Status Update – May 22, 2019

Here’s a quick update on CA A.B. 390 which will remove the changes to enacted by CA A.B. 1824 Section 4 to the vehicle code making VC 27150(a)/27151(a) citations have a bail/fine amount or require you to take the vehicle to a state referee to have the vehicle tested before appearing in court.

I’ve been monitoring the progress of A.B. 390, but unfortunately there’s been no additional progress on this bill since it was voted on by the CA transportation subcommittee back in March 2019. A.B. 390 still has not appeared on the schedule for review by the appropriations committee which is its next step in the process.

If you think the changes to the CA vehicle code will be reversed by A.B. 390 anytime soon, I would not bet on it.

You can check on the status of CA A.B. 390 by following the link included below.